PSD 2 HTML has become the need of the hour and we know that. Our professionals convert designs in PSD, PNG, AI and any other format into XHTML/CSS.
To ensure flawless work, conversions are done manually. Therefore, you can be assured the best result for web designing any project. Each and every coding is done manually and is re-checked to ensure, everything is nothing else but perfect. We value your ideas for each design and take care of every intricate detail of the works to assure the perfect solution at the time of your need.

Know the Process for PSD to HTML



1. Reviewing Every Page

To offer you the best solution, our developers devote hours just to review every single page minutely before transforming it to CSS or HTML. This is necessary for restructuring pages and our team does that to make your site a perfect one. They not only think about the structuring of the site but also make sure the site works perfectly in every browser.

  2. Slicing The Pages

Once your site is reviewed, we proceed to slicing the pages, as it is mandatory for perfect markup of the site. If slicing is not done perfectly, it will cause glitches in the layout of the site. It may also lead to cross browser problems. While slicing a site, we determine the breakup of the design files carefully so that the design files do not get tampered and remains easily editable in future.

  3. Writing HTML

The very next step is writing the HTML for your site, as it helps in building as well as structuring the layout of the site. To keep every page light and small, we add only the required codes and nothing extra. We do not want our clients to face any kind of inconvenience in editing HTML in future and so we keep every code properly commented for hassle free editing. Naming is done tactfully and we also give due care to classes and ID’s. Therefore, you can be assured of receiving your HTML with perfect Class structure and ID. Though we take care of the technicalities, you can read and understand our HTML at the very first go.

  4. CSS Coding

CSS coding is the very next thing we do after writing the HTML. Like our HTML, CSS coding is also properly commended for describing the attributes and blocks. To avoid making the site heavy with coding, we often use shorthand in CSS files. Our CSS file arrangement is markedly different from that of the others. We sort out the attributes alphabetically, group the items properly and keep files in a perfectly organized way.

  5. Validating Codes and URL

Once we are done with the markup steps, we validate all URLs and codes by running them through validators. This ensures all that all codes are valid and matching the standards.

  6. Cross Browsing

Last but not the least is testing for cross browsing to ensure the site is running perfectly in every browser. Our Quality Analysis team tests each and every work of the developer to ensure that everything is much better than what you have expected from us.

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  • It has been truly a pleasure working with Facon Company. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to working with your company in the coming months.
    Chad Ramsey
  • We approached Facon for inspiration in determining a concept for our new web site. They were able to take our thoughts and turn them into an eye catching web site. I highly appreciate your work and hope to work together in future projects.
  • It has been truly a pleasure working with Facon Company. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to working with your company in the coming months.
    Chad Ramsey
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